Practising Presence - Your Original Purpose

Section 28

It is possible for you to deeply align with the primary forces of this Universe and truly come to feel and know that you are a valuable player in the co-creation of events here on Earth. This alignment is a wonderful feeling of power and connectedness with yourself, others, and the world around you. Contained within the feeling is the knowledge that you are in the right place, flowing with life and doing exactly what you are here to do.


Experiences of this nature are a taste of how good life can be, how life is meant to be. And most people have had experiences like this here and there throughout their lives. But rarely do they endure. Why is it so that we can experience such power and flow in life, and then at other times it just doesn’t seem to happen?


In the remainder of this work, we will look at the reason why and perhaps more importantly, we will practise how to find and stay in this wonderful state of flow.


So, let’s get into it. Let’s get straight into the body where the experience and reality of your life is. Please see that there is no life outside of you really―what is out there is all observation, a reflection through the senses. Your life is within, so let’s now go in and begin to align more consciously with it.


Begin by closing your eyes and become aware of your body breathing. Take a few deep breaths in and out. Drop the diaphragm down to draw air into your lungs. The belly extends as you do this. And then let go and allow the air to release. Continue to breathe like this slowly, consciously, and follow the breath as an uninterrupted flow of air in and out of your lungs―a smooth, rhythmical movement of energy, rising and falling, over and over. Be easy. Relax.


Find and feel the sensation of being alive in your body somewhere, the feeling of ease and wellbeing, warmth, tingling or joy. Put your attention in your toes and feet and look for the feeling in there. Let it rise up through your body, your legs, your hips, torso, hands, arms, shoulders, neck, lips, cheeks, nose, ears, forehead, and through to your scalp and the top of the head. Feel the whole of your body buzzing now as one complete system. And with each out-breath sink deeper and deeper into this sensation, into what is the essence of you.


Allow your thoughts to waft through your mind as if you were watching clouds form and move on their own journey to who knows where, but in the knowledge that what they are is not you. You are the watcher, the Consciousness, the life.


Feel the wellbeing, and if you notice any emotional pain or disturbance in you, then allow that to be there also. Just allow it to be there, but do not focus on it specifically. This is a key point. The sensation of wellbeing you can feel is you, the real you, whereas any disturbance is only ever some aspect of your past arising, an aspect of ego dissolving within your Being. Resist the temptation to think about this. Or anything. Breathe. Relax. Be easy.


It is important that you allow the disturbance to be there in your body, if there is any, and don’t ignore it, deny it, or run from it. And it is equally important that you do not focus on it either. This is a fine balance to keep, and perhaps the idea that you are simply holding any disturbance with your wellbeing, your love, is the best way to approach and handle what is happening.


Focus on the wellbeing. Feel it as a descent into, and expansion of, your Being, because that is what it is. Wellbeing is not a static state, it is a movement―an alignment with the firmamental expansion/contraction structure of Consciousness that creates your whole body and Being. To focus on it affirms and strengthens this fact, this truth of what you are. The more you focus on it, the stronger your alignment with it becomes, and it shines to dissolve all disturbances, the past, that is in you.


Do this exercise often, as a daily practice is best. To find and feel the sensation of wellbeing in you, is to align with what is true in you, on the purpose of your being, and from here you will be guided in the fastest and most pleasurable way. And at the same time this focus on your truth will stir up what is not true within you, the ego. So, take your time with it all. It took time for ego to form, so it will take time for it to be dismantled. Fortunately, it takes far less time to dismantle or dissolve than it did for it to form, not unlike it takes far less time to demolish something than it does to construct it. Further, although this is work that will benefit you, it is also work that dissolves ego in the collective human psyche. The more that you do this simple practice, the better off you, everybody, and the planet will be.


This ability you have to feel the wellbeing in your body, however, is only one half of the equation in becoming present and true in life your life. The other half is to be sensory-aware, from this place; aware of all the sounds, smells, tastes, and sensations where your body touches the Earth and all its creations.


Allow the sensory information of this moment to simply arrive and meet with the inner sensation of wellbeing without any movement of the mind to name what is going on. The mind will always want to identify with things and name them. If thought, or the temptation to name things arises, just let it pass through, come back to the breath, and start again by focusing on the sensation of wellbeing, of what feels good in your body.


You may now try opening your eyes. Be aware though that being our primary sense, it is very easy to lose your inner connection when your eyes are open, very easy to be pulled out into the world through distraction. But of course, to have our eyes open is the reality of living, so it is powerful to practise and strengthen this skill as we are doing here now. Open your eyes, but be sure to stay feeling within.


To simply allow information to arrive and meet with the sensation of wellbeing within is an exercise in receiving through the senses, rather than trying to name and understand the world. Naming things, you may remember, is the action that facilitated the emergence of the human mind and our ability to think, and we are now endeavouring to transcend this. To give in to naming and thinking at this point will only be counterproductive.


Wiggle your fingers and toes, or move your body slightly. Or even, move around the room if you can, all the time feeling the wellbeing within, never leaving that sensation, that inner reality that is you. This is to help show your body, to help train your body, how to be in the world more consciously. How to be guided from within. How to allow the inner wellbeing, your own intelligence rising up through you from the Earth psyche to inform and move your body. This is practise.


And smile. It is a serious business dissolving ego within, something that can take a very long time. But something that must be done if you wish to be free. So remember, that part of you that is doing the dissolving is the real you, your wellbeing, your joy, your love. So smile. Because a smile comes from this place.


After some time and practice you will find that eventually there is no real difference between what you feel inside and what comes to you through the senses―the two dimensions meet to become the reality of Being that is neither within you nor outside. You and this moment become One, in a place that you cannot exactly position in time and space. This is the natural state.


So, what are you feeling right now? Do you feel an ease and peace within, perhaps a quiet inner strength and power? Something that feels closer and more authentic? I sincerely hope that you do. But see and know that this experience is because you are practising presence, consciously feeling in your body and attentively reading these words. As a result, your true self or nature is centre stage right now and it feels easy and good, and rightly so. This is the natural sensation of being alive, uninterrupted by ego, the way that life is meant to be.


However, there is ego in you as well. It can be no other way until you are completely free. Your ego may be very quiet right now, but it knows that what you are doing here will destroy it, and it does not like this at all. While you remain present, ego cannot do anything, it cannot get a foothold, for there is nothing for it to get a hold of. But you must be vigilant. Ego will take you when you are off-guard, when you least expect it. And it may also do so with increased force now, because it has been threatened by the light of your Consciousness that you are expanding as a result of this exercise. It may want to fight back hard to regain its status, and when it does, it will move to get your attention somehow, as a seemingly harmless thought or indulgence of emotion that will then lead to its rising again. Or it may happen suddenly, as an event that excites deep emotion, drawing you into a conflict or drama of some kind.


No matter which way it tries, the reason and mechanism is the same. Ego is a living entity that wants to stay alive. And it will do this by getting you to identify in some way with your thoughts and emotions, the substance of past within you, where the body of ego resides.


This is what disrupts the natural flow of life and the way it is meant to be. This is what throws you from the joy of natural being. And when it does, you may start to doubt the validity and power of your flowing, uplifted experiences; they may diminish to seem more like a dream, and in time you may resolve that they were only ever peak, rare, or lucky things that happened to you. But this is not the truth. You are a Divine Being and your right is to feel the flow of life, a continuous adventure of creative opportunities and experiences.


It can be extremely disturbing or depressing―and even sometimes significantly debilitating―however, when this loss of connection and flow occurs. But to understand it a little more now would be to see that any heightened state of being will always bring up unresolved energies from the past. Remember, this is a function of the enlightening process; any activity that generates an enduring state of presence effectively expands your Being, shines the inner light of your Consciousness, and illuminates all the dark areas in your life. As these energies are exposed, the flow of your life will falter until they are resolved through transmuting them to become an integrated part of your expanding Consciousness.


Further, it is the nature of ego to always try and take charge by getting you to identify with, and attach to, something―it is part of its survival mechanism. Accordingly, it is never the case that the natural, enlightened state is a place that you arrive at, and the work is done. It is a state that must be sustained by your ever-vigilant presence and honesty to the moment. Therefore, when it comes to experiences that are pleasing to us, like the power, ease, and even magical feeling of flowing with the energy of life, the ego can get very excited and may want to ‘make something’ of it. It will attempt to hold on to the experience, and perhaps project about how clever, blessed, or lucky you are, and what it might mean in terms of your value or your future. This egoic behaviour has the effect of drawing you out of alignment, and consequently, the flow ceases.


To catch any attempt by ego to reassert itself is simply to notice what is going on inside of you at all times. If you notice that you are feeling agitated, angry, or bored, that your mind is drifting or that self-talk is dominating, then powerful work can be done.


Noticing is sufficient. To simply notice and watch means that you do not get caught in the trap, because what is ‘noticing’ is your Consciousness, your Love, the real you. And therefore, in this simple act alone, you disempower ego and empower what is true. Every time you catch it attempting to take hold of you through mind chatter and emotion, you weaken it and, in time, it will have no further place in your life.


Practising presence as we have been discussing and doing here now for the last twenty minutes or so, is the way to strengthen your ability to be true in life and live as originally intended. It is to align with the essence of who you are and be guided by the Earth’s own intelligence to contribute your unique offering to the world.


This is your original purpose.