Elemental Systems - Origin Model - Your Original Purpose

Section 11

Elemental Systems

The coupling represents the first and most simple elemental system of two equal particles relating through the inter-exchange of energy. That exchange renders each as one sex or the other, measurable by charge and relative mass. Remember also that this coupling could still be large or small; scale is not something that makes any sense yet. But the structure of this first element was what we now know as the structure of the simple Hydrogen atom, named Hydrogen-1 or protium.


Not surprisingly, protium is known to be the most abundant element in the Universe. The word derives from the Greek meaning ‘first element’. It is the simplest atom, consisting of a proton (positive charge particle) with certain mass, and an electron (negatively charged particle) of miniscule mass orbiting around it (more accurately: existing as a fuzzy energy shell around it). What is less well known is that this coupling between firmaments is something that also provides the opportunity and basis for the emergence of any and every star/planet system.


The discovery of protium was a total experience at the time, meaning, that the Universe itself was just one protium atom, but of course it would have been that same protium atom at every point within simultaneously. Accordingly, at the micro level hydrogen now existed, but at the macro level the potential for the first star/planet relationship also existed. Development from this point onward was, and still is, an emergence of an unlimited number of 'things' that arise from this potential difference between the micro and the macro using the basic structural ingredients and knowledge gained from experience.


Those basic structural ingredients that were available to us now as the creative power of Consciousness building a Universe were single firmaments and couplings. Or to express it in terms of a scientific model, there were neutrons, protons and electrons―the basis of all atomic structure.


To understand how―and perhaps even why―more complex atoms were created from here, it might help to consider the reality of relationship between three quanta only. The same consideration can then be given to the relationship of four, five, six, and so on, to see the various ways in which they could relate and appear.


To do this marks another decision point for you as the controlling Consciousness exploring the creative possibilities of your Universe. Once again, there are only three basic options available to you: 1. remain as three neutral quanta which might be very nice but nothing much more could happen from the situation; 2. go back to a former state, which would not promote any further growth; or 3. grow through new development, which in this case would be for one firmament to remain neutral (a neutron), and the other two to relate as a coupling (proton/electron).


In an arrangement like this, the ‘pulling power’ or quantum gravity of the neutral firmament would attract and stabilise the tumbling behaviour of the coupling, and create it as a more stable atom of Hydrogen-2, known as deuterium. I mean stable in the sense of it having a more defined centre or nucleus of positively charged mass (atomic mass), modelled as one neutron and one proton, with a negatively charged electron shell (orbiting electron) around it.


In such an arrangement, the neutron is a single firmament or quanta that holds a coupling, to manifest as the structure of deuterium. Although neutrons are seen and referred to in particle physics as distinct units, they are not that. A neutron is an independent field of Consciousness capable of growth. As it grows, it gets bigger of course, and that increase in size can, and will, attract more couplings that work and express together to appear as more complex atoms.


This explains why we find that in any stable atom the number of protons will always equal the number of electrons, because they are simply couplings linked together. They cannot be anything other than equal. And then the nucleus will always be seen to have an atomic mass which is part protons (equal to the number of electrons) and the remainder are neutrons, or neutron mass. This remaining neutron mass is a measure of the size and power of the growing Consciousness that supports the particular atom.


The case now arises for claiming a fifth fundamental force of nature, and we could call it growth. The reason for it is that there is a natural drive for everything to grow because at an atomic scale, quanta are always trying to expand. Remember that quanta are only ‘atomic’ because they are compressed by the gravity of the whole expression. Each quantum, as we learned earlier, is representative of the whole and varies as a function of its place within the whole. Quanta occurring near the centre will be dense and constricted (due to the gravitational pull), but their natural tendency is to expand (to be the whole they potentially are). This creates a situation whereby all quanta contained within a greater host expression are endeavouring to expand of their own accord, and the place where this expansion overrides the gravitational effect of the host is represented by the event horizon.


The event horizon, as we learned earlier, is a term associated with the phenomenon of a black hole, but it is also―and perhaps more importantly―a more or less stable zone where energy can interact with itself to bring forth new creation and event. It appears as a distinct edge to an underlying spherical body of mass that has a black hole as its focus. By this definition, the surface of our Earth is an event horizon, and so is the appearance of any observable celestial body of spheroid proportions.


At an atomic scale, if we substitute the word ‘neutron’ with ‘expanding Consciousness’, we can understand that more complex atoms came about due to the innate and unavoidable desire of limited Consciousness to grow. Similarly, it is this growing or expanding Consciousness that ultimately extended into more complex arrangements of matter as molecules, gathering them together to form and function as what we observe and name as the basic cell of an organism.


This idea is interesting, because the specific nature and vibration of the Consciousness that supports each and every atom, molecule, cell and organism is universal, not local or specific. By this I mean that the nature of the Consciousness that supports hydrogen, for example, is the same, no matter where or when any specific hydrogen atom appears in time and space. It exists as a kind of recipe for that atom, and can be said to represent a collective Consciousness or group spirit of that particular element. This is a concept that relates directly to the ideas of Plato discussed in the link to humankind’s search for meaning at the beginning of this work. It is in alignment with his idea of the underlying ‘essential world of forms’ that supports and affects the nature of existence in the ‘material world’, and it is also one that relates to Aristotle’s idea of celestial bodies having a soul (spirit).


We are now beginning to entertain an idea that is significantly popular in metaphysics and ‘New Age’ philosophy. It is an idea that was also held by Einstein and the primary idea behind String and M-Theory as well―that of our Universe being a vibrational reality. And the Origin model, as you can see, is in full agreement with this. However, there is a missing piece of the puzzle here, something that remains entirely unknown until, once again, the reading about it here. There are two types of vibrational realities, and the distinction between them has never been made. Here it is...


The first, or primary, reality is the one where there is a full range of vibrations from the shortest, immeasurable wavelength of the highest frequency, representing reality as the smallest, densest quanta particles, all the way through to the longest, immeasurable wavelength, representing reality―the entire Universe―as the one whole.


The second vibrational reality is one that has been created from, and is dependent upon, the first. It is a reality that is entirely ‘man made’, meaning; it is a vibrational ‘world’ that has formed as a function of self-awareness. This is extremely interesting and important information and will be discussed in great detail later when we turn our attention to the emergence of the human being.


In the first reality, there is enormous opportunity and potential for Consciousness to grow from the smallest to the largest. As it does, its vibration progressively slows and its power to influence increases. At every stage of this growth, Consciousness vibrates at very specific rates or levels. Accordingly, each and every vibration relates to particular appearances of energy as reality. And this vibrational reality is something that reaches beyond the space and time that the appearance is made, as we discussed previously with the example of Hydrogen.


This relationship of vibrational Consciousness with its appearance as something in the physical world anywhere, anytime, is the explanation for the phenomenon of quantum entanglement―a concept that perplexed Albert Einstein a great deal and moved him to say that it was ‘Spooky action at a distance.’ Quantum entanglement describes a situation where two or more separate particles relate to each other―are affected by each other―no matter the physical distance between them.


Further, the reality of vibrational Consciousness also explains the principle behind the hypothetical wormhole―a theoretical passage through space-time (predicted by general relativity) that could create shortcuts for long journeys across the Universe. Where vibrations of the same frequency or pattern occur, there is an immediate connection, and therefore no time or distance between them. In other words, from the perspective of Consciousness, there is always an immediate presence in any reality that exists as the same vibrational pattern, no matter where and when it occurs in space-time. Consequently, time and space are overcome by vibrational match. From this perspective, the Universe becomes an endless series of worlds connected by vibration, a dimension of energy tubes that twist, warp and interconnect to form the manifest world. This is the very fabric of creation, not unlike a tapestry that appears to us as something meaningful on one side, but on the other is a seeming mishmash of innumerable, convoluted and interconnected threads.


A neutron is Consciousness expressing as a firmament and it is capable of growth. Although not yet something that inhabits a more complex creation such as an animal, this Consciousness is something that could now more believably be referred to as a Being. By this definition, a Being is simply an individuated piece of Consciousness that is capable of controlling the matter within itself. To use the word now, and to give an example, the Being that supports and expresses as deuterium has a body mass of 1. It is the smallest and least powerful of all in the periodic table of elements, and it controls the matter of a single coupling only.


Towards the other end of the spectrum, the Being that supports and expresses as Uranium is far more powerful and has a neutron mass of 146 which holds and controls 92 couplings, of which the negative charge of those couplings (electrons) are specifically arranged in seven concentric shells around the nucleus. This is impressive, but of course nowhere near as powerful as the Being that supports a Cell, whose power is infinitesimal compared to the power of the Consciousness that supports a Planet, Solar System, Galaxy and ultimately the Universe itself. This hierarchical power and control by size and influence of Consciousness is a cornerstone in the Origin model.


The neutron in the simple hydrogen atom is of exactly the same firmamental structure as that which supports a star or planet, and it has a gravitational pull at the centre. In this way, the pull represents quantum or atomic gravity, and binds together with the gravity of the proton to form the nucleus of an atom. This binding of energy in the nucleus is considered to be the strongest of the four fundamental forces and is therefore aptly named the strong nuclear force.


We now have the basic ingredients and tools to build everything else from here. We have neutrons and the strong nuclear force that holds them together with protons in the nucleus of an atom. We have protons and electrons that introduce the concept of ‘charge’ and the electromagnetic force. We have growing creative Consciousness behind all of it to help new ideas to emerge.


In the beginning, just as the notion of size was irrelevant, so too was the notion of time. All of the development mentioned so far could have happened in a nanosecond, or it could have taken ten trillion years. Either way, the idea of time in the way we now understand it was a meaningless concept back then. Time for us today―and the passing or passage of it―is a differential awareness only, and an entirely human construct. However, if we did want to put a human time value on these first creative events, perhaps the best measure would be to use Planck Time.


Planck Time is a term named after the notable German physicist, Max Planck who was a major contributor to the development of quantum theory. It is the time it would take light to travel (in a vacuum) a distance equal to one Planck length, which is a unit considered to be the smallest measurement of length with any meaning. Perhaps more importantly, this figure indicates the shortest possible measurement of time that could be said to be something that distinguishes one event from another so they are not happening at the same time. But the main point of explaining the development and relationship of one, two, and three―no matter how long it took―is to show how something came from nothing to become the basic building blocks of creation. Perhaps it is this exact process of development that is represented in the Dao creation myth that says:


In the beginning, there was a featureless, yet complete ‘something’. It was silent, amorphous, and stood alone and unchanging. It was called the ‘Way’, and it gave birth to unity, from which arose duality. Trinity then came forth from duality, and this gave birth to the myriad creatures.


In the next section we apply this new understanding of elemental systems to see how all forms in existence began to develop.