Origin and Purpose of You and the Universe - Origin Model

The Origin Model of Creation


Your Original Purpose 

Since the time that humans first became self-aware, we have wondered. We have wondered what we are, who we are, where we came from, and why. That wondering has led us, broadly speaking, in two distinct directions. The first is the quest to understand the physical, outer world that we experience, and the second a quest to understand the inner world of experience itself. This endeavour to understand the physical world is what we could call a scientific undertaking, and the endeavour to understand the inner world, or dimension, of who we are, is a spiritual undertaking.


Today this quest is as strong as ever, and there is a growing awareness that somewhere, somehow, these two divergent paths must come together. The following work attempts to address this and describe in plain language the place where this convergence occurs; where the scientific and the spiritual merge and complement each other as a complete and compatible understanding.


This is an entirely original expression, and it reveals new information that will help both science in its ultimate endeavour to understand the Universe, and you in your ultimate endeavour to understand yourself. Consequently, Origin presents a Theory of Everything―that long-sought, holy grail of science that would fully explain and link together all aspects of the Universe. And at a spiritual level it offers an opportunity for personal empowerment and healing that, if embraced, has the power to transform your life and the world. This is guaranteed.


The essence of the work is to present a revolutionary description, or model, of reality; one that shows how everything came to be, and our place in it as human beings. This is done in a way that is simple to understand, logical, and independent of any academic discipline. Origin builds a new conceptual framework that supports all our discoveries to date about the nature of matter, mind, and spirit and resolves them into a comprehensive, comprehensible whole.


One of the things that makes the Origin model so sound and powerful is that it addresses, at the very core, one of the greatest mysteries of all time―gravity; that fundamental, experiential force that holds everything together and makes possible the physical realm. The cause of gravity has been, and remains to this day, a complete mystery to us. But now, for the first time ever, that cause will be revealed and the mystery solved.


The second major revelation in this work―that until the moment you read it, has been perhaps an even deeper mystery to humanity―is that through an understanding of the Origin model, the opportunity presents for you to see, understand, and come to know the exact reason for your existence as a creative creature on this planet.


The third major revelation―and perhaps the most valuable―is that with a thorough understanding of the reason for your existence, it is possible, again for the first time, for you to see the indisputable reason for the cause of human suffering and the dysfunctional, disrespectful behaviour we often exhibit toward each other, our planet and its creatures. With this clarity, it will be possible for you to implement the necessary actions for real change to occur with newfound confidence.


Now this might all seem like a giant claim, and it is. Nonetheless, if you have somehow stumbled upon this information, then you are ready to hear it. So strap in, we are going on a wild ride…